September 11, 2012

omission in omission

Preparing for the Project Management Professional exam, I dutifully studied the Code of Ethics. One of the precepts (section 2.2) involves responsibility for errors--for example, taking ownership and making corrections promptly when one makes an error or omission on a project. The following statement in the section notes that we as practitioners should report errors or omissions:

When we discover errors or omissions caused by others, we communicate them to the appropriate body as soon they are discovered.

It's a nice irony to find an omission in a sentence that talks about reporting omissions. This should, of course, include "as" after "soon," to read " soon as they are discovered."

As one bound by the Code, I immediately reported the omission to the Project Management Institute. I have not yet received a status report as to when the omission will be corrected. ;-)

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